It’s just love, a whole lot of it 💙

I have had a couple of conversations throughout the last couple of weeks that finally got me back to this point. Writing it out. Writing my thoughts out is like my therapy (literally it helps me more than a therapist) and then knowing someone going through something similar can possibly benefit from these jumbled thoughts fills my Love tank ♥️

I don’t know about you, but I am hard on myself. I am hard on myself on how I look, how I need to look, that I can always do way more and better at work, I should be in a better place financially (are we ever 🙄) And all it does honestly is stress me out more and makes my brain scattered instead of making a plan to fix these things. Which leads me to…..anxiety.

Anxiety is an A-hole. It is like that person that won’t leave you alone and keeps talking when you have the worst headache (or hang over…whatever you can compare it to 🤷🏼‍♀️) I haven’t really had anxiety until a lot hit me at once almost two years ago. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was working in a job I was miserable at for ten years, and had all of these personal goals I couldn’t find myself even inching closer to. I thought that changing my career (even though it has been amazing and has helped me a ton) would help get rid of the anxiety but it didn’t.

The feeling in my stomach of the phone ringing because my dad had to go to the hospital again, or the feeling of hearing “there is nothing else we can do” and the feeling of holding onto him during his last breath – I still feel that feeling in my stomach everyday for some reason. Until I was writing this out, I thought that feeling in me was 100% anxiety which brought on more anxiety because I couldn’t get rid of it, but then I realized it is grief. And grieving equals love.

I share this because you don’t know what people are going through. You don’t know what they can’t let go of and are still holding on to. So be nice, it doesn’t take much. And little do you know one small thing you say or do could make their day that may have started rough.

You can’t be everything for everyone. And because of being that way for everyone for so long, I have definitely heard about my absence from any social event, etc. and it has made me realize who I really want to spend my time with. The people that accept you for changing a bit and don’t hold anything against you or add on extra drama to your life. It all brings me back the quote at the top of the page. Yes, I have changed, a lot. So much that I don’t even know if I like who I have kind of shifted into, but I am going to learn to love that person.

It is all a process – be easy on yourself, you are never going to stop grieving it is just love, and a whole lot of it 💙

Much love,Cait

finding faith, fulfillment, and finding a new normal

The bit of inspiration has changed a bit…

In the beginning, this blog was about what I wanted my appearance to be. But now it is so so much more.

I ran across a text from my dad this weekend that was back from January of this year saying:
"This is the year you are going to start to fly, great things are going to happen for you"
This text was sent before receiving important scan results. He wasn't worried about the pancreatic cancer he was fighting. He was worried about his 28 year old daughter who was juggling just buying a new home by herself, debating on making a huge career change and coping with the fact that one day within that year she would lose her very best bud, her dad. When I realized the severity of what he was diagnosed with I hurried up and bought a home (most expensive distraction EVER but it made him so happy) made a complete career change because he wanted to see me happy (best decision I've ever made, besides getting Bails) and got my pup, Bailey (you will probably see a million pics and feel like you know my little nugget) . While all of these great things happened, I obsessed over those things that he wouldn't see (me get married, my kids, etc) I obsessed over it so much that my positivity started fading away and I let go of fitness goals and many other things.

I also had started to lose my faith and I am proud to say my dad never lost his. I am also working on fully trusting god again and building my faith again.

We lost dad a little over a month ago on July 15th. It has been unbelievably hard. I can't put into words what or how I feel. Watching the Nat's isn't the same, I have accidentally called him when things have broken in my home and geeze, does that make it start to sink in. I have an empty, weird feeling yet I also have this new feeling that the things I do in life matter more, there is meaning again and I think my dad 100% has instilled that in me again somehow. My family is stronger than ever. We are sad but we have somehow grown closer which is what he would have wanted. I care more about having positive energy around me and giving it off to others. I finally want what is best for myself and want to give everyone my best self. He wanted me to write again (he always read my blog posts before I published them) take interest in photography, and mainly not be so hard on myself so those are my mini goals/accomplishments now. * Celebrate Small Victories *

My big goal is to get to my best self by thirty and keeping it that way. 333 days from today! Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and professionally – the whole package.

This blog is not just for myself. I never wrote on here for any kind of attention (who wants the world to know that you really do drink an unbelievable amount of wine and have a hard time hitting your fitness goals) This is to help anyone who needs to make a positive change, anyone going through their toughest loss, or anyone who just needs to feel like someone actually can relate to them. It is for the real life girl, with the real life body, that is going to kick ass, and take names to get to their goal – physically, mentally, emotionally or professionally.

We can do it together and if ya want, you can hear my goofy stories, tips and shigggles that come along with it 🙂

Ps. Check out the about me page, there have been some changes and I will be upgrading the site as well 🙂

workouts, whining, wine withdraw…winning?


Well hello…Happy Thursday! So close to the weekend, what a tease!

I decided it was time to come out from under my rock. Every time I have posted has been when I was in the midst of planning/starting a new diet, exercise regimen, etc. Well this time, I started what I wanted to start, gave it sometime,  stuck to it and apparently have lived through it the last three weeks (barely) to share with you now….

The picture posted above….explains how I feel all at this very instant. The selfie is well, a selfie and the face I am making is not my normal smile. If it was…yikesss. It is the face I make when I am thinking “Why the hell am I putting my body through this.” But for real, inside I am actually happier then a kid on Christmas because I am seeing results and others are as well. But some day’s and night’s I am completely dead, or barely moving from how sore I am from the work out that day, or a 24 or 48 hr burn. Ugh 48 hr. burn.

IMG_4646Yup going on 4 days now of a different area being sore  and today it's all of them!Did you ever have 3 practices and a lifting session in one day?!?!


As if I didn’t know already….when times get tough, I give up on myself. You know how you get all pumped up then last for a few days eating super healthy and living at the gym? Then all the sudden errrrrch (a cars break sound) an issue,  problem, something comes along and oh shiz now theres pizza, booze and meh, I’ll just work out next week.

Welp, no more for this chick! I made a few comments and points in my past couple blogs that I that I don’t quite feel the same about. Funny how that works huh?

One of the main things is I thought was who cares I can do this on my own, I don’t need anyone. I can tell you 110% that was bitchy Cait talking.

I, Caitlin Marie Solomon need accountability.

Yes, someone to smack my ass into shape. While I can somewhat figure out what to eat and what to do in the gym, nothing makes me work harder then having some type of structure. My schedule is pretty crazy so having someone tell me when and what to eat and train me a few times in the week is what pushes my tush. So you will hear me (or would I say see me since this is a blog?) talk about my trainer Derek and a few other inspirational people I have surrounding me right now. It is amazing how carb cycling eating clean, teaching four days a week and training with D 3 times a week can start working so fast.

It is exhausting, but SO worth it. I have not been this sore in awhile, and I will be the first to admit it makes me a little tired and bitchy but then my body is like “Cait shut up your improving yourself, quit being a baby”

I have a long way to go but let me tell you my pants are already too big, arms aren’t so tight in long sleeves and as much as this is TMI….already loosing the “girls”. It happens EVERYTIME. Why can’t we chose where we lose it?? Oh well, as long as it is losing, not gaining & shrinking not expanding (except the booty, you know we always want a booty) I am okay with it.

So my tips on what got thru the last couple weeks that may help you start….

1. I bought new workout shoes. I know that sounds kinda stupid, but little things keep me pumped up. Plus, they are cheetah print so it kinda is a given that they are gonna be awesome.
2. Accepting help from an outside source.  Yes, I am a tough cookie and can push myself. But not if I want to get the results I need. Having a food plan made specifically for you and your goals is the best thing EVER. I may be eating chicken at 9:30 am as one of my 5-6 meals a day and it feels VERY wrong – but obviously my body is feelin it. And having someone tell me I can push my body harder and train me the right way is key. D knows I hate him the first few minutes of the workout and even sometimes the whole time, but after I always thank him because I  survived it and I’m one step closer to my goal.

3. Being a dance fitness instructor is great and all, but sometimes going from that training session straight to teach is rough. Like if I jump one too many times I may fall and not get back up. BUT, so far I am making the classes my bey-otch. It is my guaranteed cardio. So if you need some cardio in your life and hate running or elliptical, take a class – dancing, HITT, anything that makes you move for 60 minutes. I may know a place or two that you can check out 🙂

4. Surround yourself with positive people. People that have some of the same goals, or just people that want to see YOU better yourself. When I have wanted to cry being so sore or drained, somehow its like one or two of those people somehow knew and send me a funny or positive gym post or picture. It helps SO much.

#cute #gymGym humor @Eva Sepeda sorry I can't make it in the morning :/


To explain the two quotes on the pic at the beginning….

I’m not perfect, but I am always myself.

– I am most definitely not perfect. Actually pretty damn far from it. I sometimes have the mouth of a sailor (I promise, I am trying to get better) I have a couple tattoos, and when I am in a bad mood, lord help people around me.

BUT, I have not changed no matter what weight I have been at.  Maybe a little more insecure for obvious reasons, but as far as how to treat people, I never changed. I see that happen a lot being in the fitness industry. People getting to a goal and completely changing and treating people like they aren’t good enough. Also, something that has been on my brain the last few months…I may have gained a few lbs within the last year or so, but my teaching never changed. I still pushed hard and still taught. And let me tell you, that was hard. Knowing that some new students would look at me like “She’s teaching this class? is she gonna push it as hard as so and so?” or not even give it a chance and just stick with what they are used to. Welp, that’s a whole other post that I will post later.

My point – Don’t EVER think that just because you have gained a few pounds that you aren’t good enough to do the things you love and enjoy. I went through a whole phase of second guessing teaching and many things because of things I had heard from students may have said  BEFORE taking my class and even some of the people closest to me which was pretty you know the whole “stab in the heart, now twist it?” thing…but what I got out of that…just do my own thing, and let people think what they want to think and work it.


I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens when I dont

I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.

You know how people have a theme song or a slogan. That’s what I feel like mine is right now. Really, the quote explains itself. Last time on this journey, I cranked out losing 60 pounds like a boss, then gained a lot of back and now on my way to finish what I started.


Whew, this was a long post. It may be that it is late at night (its Thursday afternoon for you but Wednesday night for me) and I am just blabbering or the fact that I’ve been wanting to post many things within the last month, but wanted to get some results and know I was doing the right thing before posting.….I gave up wine for three weeks. Definitely a record. But let me tell you that first glass after those three weeks was nice 🙂 I felt like it was earned! Except now I find myself trying to make excuses for my trainer to allow wine.

we should have a practice together @Wilhelmina Panzera

I hope this helps anyone that is in the same boat, remember….it is never to late to start that journey to get to your goal.  You can still be a crazy hott mess and get to your goals.


Hugs and kisses, daps and smooches,


beating those bad thoughts, big goals and best buds.

photo 3


I have multiple things I want to post and share. I already had it all written out and just needed to press post, but decided to delete and write what is exactly on my mind tonight at 2:45am. I know I should be sleeping, but I can’t so instead I write.

First, thank you so much for the AWESOME positive feedback. I received multiple messages, emails and conversations about last weeks post. Also already was asked some questions and ideas to write about already! Thank you, it makes me so happy 🙂

Recently a student asked me how does one keep working towards their goals and stay positive when anything and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.

My advice that hits very close to home this week…
Sometimes we have days that are hard on us. Certain events may have occurred, hell-weeks at work or just hard days that we know are coming that can help assist the negative things try to push themselves back in your brain and body. We have to be the tough ones that kick them right back in the butt and out of our minds.

“Since this is going on – I don’t need to stay on track…I’ll just start Monday.”

“Since I am sad today, I can eat the mac and cheese and it doesn’t count”

(Don’t lie, you know you’ve gone there before) Those A-holes called bad Carbs always make their way back to us.


“Today sucked, I deserve wine”


(sorry had to share,  this is one of my all time fav. somecards)


So, the point to this blog tonight…

There are ways to make ourselves stay on track. When it rains, it pours sometimes. But that doesn’t have to affect our goals and dreams.

When personally going through a tough few days emotionally, physically and mentally along with a side of a hell-week at work, I was ready to be like “Yo, where my carbs and wine at??” But I decided nope, I am going to make this week MY betch.

  • . Prep your meals. My biggest success with weight loss, fitness goals, etc. always has involved food prep. Taking time two days out of your week (Maybe a Sunday or Wednesday) to cook your food for the week and pack the right amount and have everything ready no matter what is thrown at you.

photo 3 (1)



PS. Squirrel Moment –

I’m not going to lie, it is super hard to stay on track around your birthday with people wanting to take you out to lunch/dinner/drinks. You just have to pick your battles. If I eat this, I have to work my ass off in the morning and be perfect eating-wise before and after. Last time I lost a lot of weight I didn’t let myself have a drink a lot of the time out with friends or eat at yummy semi-unhealthy dinners. This time I am trying to stay on track most of the time and have realized (as much as I hate to say it) YOLO. Don’t always miss out on the little nice dinners and have a drink or two to celebrate when you want to. At the same time, if I am really on track and feeling great about it I need to learn to say NO and not feel bad telling people I am not going to drink or something at that occasion. If the people asking you love you, they will understand.


  • “I just want some chocolate, or something sweet then I’ll be fine” Yep, I know I’ve said that before when being upset, stressed or that certain time of the month. Have a back up plan. For me, its golden delicious apples. It’s sweet and fills me up.

photo 2 (1)


  • Drink your water. I drink a ridic amount of water. Like I literally pee 80 times a day. (Sorry, TMI) It is super good for you and if you get bored of regular water, flavor it up!

photo 2

This has been my go to water the last couple years. I don’t measure ingredients. It’s just lemon, cucumber and mint.


  • Put yourself in a positive environment. This week I had to teach pretty much every night. While some nights you are not mentally and emotionally there, you always make it look you are 110% there and in a ridic happy mood and the outside world is out of commission for a hour.

Photo: Having a rough week?? Lets let out the physical, mental and emotional stress and frustration and leave it on the dance floor. Fierce Funk at the nZone at 7:30 in the Keg room! fiercefunk #dance #cheapesttherapyever

PS. 2nd Squirrel Moment –

Walking into my Fierce Funk class tonight, I was nervous to even teach thinking I wouldn’t remember choreography (That has never happened before) But my students and BFF made me realize I underestimate myself. Not only did we have the biggest class we have had, but we had the most real, fun, intense connection. It was like I saw the light bulbs go on in their heads when they finally understood the choreo. They were having fun, they were loud, it was the best feeling. Along with ending the class with a sentimental moment (I may have been a baby) I left class feeling like a new person.


  • And last, but certainly not least….if you have a friend who knows you are going through this tough time, let them be there for you.  I personally would not have gotten through the last day or two without my best friend. From encouraging text messages, keeping my mind off things and encouraging me with my goals as well as watching him fulfill his own, that helped me. Having such good friends surrounding you that are all working towards goals is awesome, it helps you stay on track and not feel like you’re on a journey alone. I am very lucky to have a lot of them. It’s is nice to watch someone improve in what they are working towards and get to the next level instead of obsessing over yours goals constantly. So Mr. Marky Mark, I have to call you out and thank you. For not only being you today (and most other days) or being my mentor, but for constantly motivating and inspiring me to keep up my goals weight loss wise, dance-wise and sanity wise 🙂

photo 4



With all of this being said, I hope that you get this out of this post…

We are human, IT IS OKAY TO HAVE A HARD TIME. It doesn’t mean you have to lose focus.

These were just a couple little tips that help me get through and I only hope that it can help you too!


Can’t wait to post the next one….have you seen the new Colby Calliet song and meaning???

That is my next post hopefully before I leave for the weekend 🙂


Much love and hugs and kisses and all that good stuff,






“I’m back betttchesss..”



I started this blog again exactly just like I did last year : written it late last night ready to post and then fell asleep (after getting my butt kicked teaching) and woke up with my laptop falling off my body. So it just feels right to post this afternoon 🙂 

Last week, a student asked me if I was going to start blogging again.

My thoughts…First, when do I have time, but then I realized, I have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce, I am sure I can make it work. Secondly I thought ‘Crap, I haven’t really done much better improving myself, my body, etc since my last post’ Then she said “Well, I really hope that you start again. I enjoy reading it because I know I am not alone making a lifestyle change, it makes me laugh and motivates me to push myself again.”

…..Well that’s what got me. The whole not feeling alone thing made me feel good to know I am not the only one who can sometimes feel this way and knowing that I helped felt AMAZEBALLS. So I am starting again. Yes, I say AGAIN because we know I have said this multiple times. I am finally at the point of not being embarrassed to say it. 

I like to keep a lot to myself. But one thing I am very open, honest and vocal about is weight loss. Losing weight, healthy lifestyle changes and my own journey. Often you will notice that I kind of make fun of it or put it in a humorous way. That is how I deal with things, through laughing & humor. I know, I’m weird. I also like motivational quotes or the funny smart ass quotes. So If you don’t like that…not to sound like a B-word…but you don’t need to read and follow this.  



The kicker that made me get back to this healthy lifestyle was this past Saturday. I was going to a wedding in DC and knew I would need a nice, cute dress for it. So I had bought one a few weeks before and didn’t try it on or pay much attention to it until an hr before I had to leave. I went to get it out of my closet and noticed it had a snag across the side which I had never noticed before. I had to be at my friends house in 1 hour from that exact moment and somehow made it to Target, Nordstrom Rack and TJ Max. The problem was every store I went in I saw things I liked, but they were either too small to try on, weren’t flattering, or I felt really uncomfortable. Needless to say, I spent that morning crying and and probably looked like this….

That was when I decided I cannot keep doing this. I have been SO close to my goal before and I remember how awesome it felt. Now I am ready to get there plus some. Completely get to my goal, not just 80% there. And do it for MYSELF.


A few of my thoughts that I have thought and written down the last few months….

We all think of excuses. I can’t make it to the gym for this or that. Or I can’t prep my meals early because I have this and then have to go here or there. I am 10000% guilty of that. And I really do have this and that and here and there to go. I just have to make it work. 


Another excuse – The last year I felt like I needed someone to help me all the time. I have had a few “gym buddies” and it just kind of stopped. Sometimes them just kind of stopping and doing their own thing. For awhile it made me upset feel like what, am I not working hard enough? Am I not pushing myself or you enough? Is it the way I look? and a ton of other things that went through my head. It REALLY bothered me. To the point of not wanting to go to the gym much anymore thinking do other people think that when I am working out at the gym? But again…that was an excuse. So no more of that. Now it is making time to go to the gym or workout by myself because I am the only one who can make this change. No more depending on the other people to get where I want to get. 

And lastly (at least for this post so I have more to talk about tomorrow 🙂 


Stress. It kills me. So I am now making a promise to learn how to deal with stress differently. I am not one to eat my feelings or frustrations. But, it makes me not focus on my goals and throw my goals and health behind everything else. If it is stress over work, family, friends, money, this journey, whatever. You feel and look like you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all the time or always on the edge or your seat waiting on whats next.  I am getting gray hairs and I love Betty White, but I’m not trying to look like her when I am only turning 26 in 2 weeks. I will keep you posted on how that goes, and give tips that help me as well cause I know that we are all stressed and crazed a lot of the time. 




I’ll be posting things that help me, others around me, recipes and tons of other shigggles 🙂 

So now that I am back on here I hope that not only does it help me stay focused but most of all helps someone NOT feel alone and to motivate and inspire them to get to their goals as well.

Hugs & Kisses 🙂 



Dust yourself off and try again…

photo (2)

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” – Aaliyah


Remember when I said I was going to write on here daily? Yeah, that hasn’t exactly been the case.

As I had mentioned in my last post on here things/life/everything is “cray cray”. During that “cray” stuff is when I lose it. Not just my mind, but my motivation. And it has to stop…like ten minutes ago. That is why my butt is back on here.

As you know, there is no “MD” or anything after my name so when I write on here I am just sharing an experience and hopefully helping others in the same position. I am just a 25 year old girl who’s trying to work a full time job, be a college student and get some abs and a perky tush somewhere between it all.

some cards funny for blog

The last few weeks have been kind of ridic. Personally, mentally, physically…all that good stuff.
There are these obstacle that have been trying to make themselves comfortable in the way of my goals. Health stuff, personal stuff, and just the typical 80 million things happening at once. Is it their fault that I am letting them get in the way? Unfortunately no. I have completely let stress get the best of me and trying to change things I cannot change and help things that need to be fixed on their own or by others.

Where has that gotten me? Unfortunately sitting here in the same spot (pretty sure the same sweat pants) I was sitting when writing the first blog post at the beginning of September.

After a long talk about getting myself together with my BFF earlier today, my mind started wondering. I kept asking “Why can I not get myself in the same mentality I was in before where I kicked ass for 8 months and lost 60 pounds?” The response – “Cause you knew what you wanted and nothing was going to get in the way. You were focused” That is what I need to FOCUS. Not be a constant Squirrell.

Recently I stopped teaching as many dance fitness classes and that has been a big change for me. Not just because of my schedule, but because it is a huge part of my heart. My life changed January of 2012 when finding Zumba and all the great people that came along with it. The instructors, my mentors and of course the students. (SQUIRREL – HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY IGNIGHT DANCE FITNESS 🙂 My biggest fear was when taking this “break” I would turn into a hermit. Luckily, I have been too busy with other things to let that happen.
Now having limits to exercise is also getting to me. I like to get all into it and go balls to the wall. But I have been told to “pump my breaks” as I like to say. During this break I have also learned that I am not good at working out at home or outside of a gym or other type of fitness facility. So, it is time to start either walking or running daily to get myself heart healthy.

An even bigger part of getting to this goal is the food. The last few weeks, I have not been making that time religiously to make my meals. But once I got a chance tonight, I started all over again.

photo (3)

It is back to the crazy food orders at resturants “Don’t dunk that salmon in that butter-ish-goo stuff please…just plain and boring please 🙂 This and that on the side, balsamic vinegar, water with a lemon”

In just about every post on here, I have said I am making time for myself and doing things that I want to do to get where I need to go. Needless to say, I have not followed that. IF this means I need to be a little more anti-social, then it is what it is – ya know less dinners out and more dinners in, so be it. If it means giving up wine for the most part (Hey! I said MOST part…) I will do it. I will do whatever it takes because I think that whole “Focus” thing is setting in….it’s about time Cait!


photo (10)

The last week and a half I have been probably been what people would call MIA from social media. That included Facebook and Blogging. Knowing I needed to make some decisions, I wanted to stop getting wrapped up in those Shigggs for a bit. Ya know the Facebook drama-like stuff (seeing people post things to upset others, catching people in stupid lies and petty shit) and only wanting to Blog with a clear head.

After this little experiment to see how long I could go without depending on my phone/social media, I learned a few things.

When you aren’t checking your phone as much/off social media, HOLY SHIT is an understatement on how annoying it is watching others. I realized how rude I look or come off as when I do that. Then realized during serious or important conversations with friends still looking at their phones and think in my head “HELLO, I’M STILL TALKING” or “Does this conversation really bore you THAT much?” It is almost like we don’t value the time or what we are doing with the people around us enough. The bitchy me kinda wants to say “Go hang out with so-in-so instead if their convo is that amazeballs” But then the angel on my shoulder says “It is what it is, you’ve done it too” and let it go. Now that I am using my phone again more and social media again, my goal is to stop doing that mid-conversation or just in the presence of friends/family at lunch or dinner or just hanging out. Now of course I understand emergencies and all that good stuff, but just a little habit that I personally would LOVE to break.

Okay enough of that rant. Now lets get to the #shigggsgettinreal shigggs –

I did the # (Hash tag) because of all the funny #hashtags things that have been on tv/my friends and I have been saying lately.


Sorry – Squirrel.

So, the last few months with lots of “cray-cray” things going on and taking over all of my time, I officially went insane. Well not really, but kinda in my head I guess. I became anti-social, badddd attitude and just a betch all around. Getting home at 10-11 every night wasn’t cutting it. And with school starting again for me, I could possibly pull a Britney…


….and as much as I love her…I would look BUSTED with a shaved head, although I do know I wear a better weave than she does. (I know, at least mine looks real)

With that being said, I had to do something. So I have decided to stop teaching Zumba for a bit.

Yes it sucks, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. This being my last week of teaching my classes feels weird – I even had this in my Yogi tea this morning…
photo (9)

I am not giving up on dancing at all, I could never do that. I’ve been dancing since I was 5, its in my blood. It’s just time to remember why I love it so much.

#1 Top Priority – Being healthy. I may not be teaching a ton of classes, but I will still be getting all my workouts in some way or another. Also, after I get my shigggs straight, I can drop in and dance with my friends and mentors that are teaching. Now instead of getting home so late and not having time for the grocery store my meals will be planned ALOT easier. Finally having a schedule – thank the lawwwd.

While I still think I can be Wonder Woman and do it all. A little dose of reality has set in and told me to chill for a bit. I still think that we are all Super Hero’s and can do it all. But as long as we do it all without changing ourselves (for the bad) in the process.