what the shigggles?

The bit of inspiration –

A little over a year ago, I had one of those days where I put on any outfit and looked like a stuffed sausage. That same day, my grandmaw had a conversation with me about needing to find a man like she did (he was perfect so it is going to be PRETTY hard to top that) get healthy, blah blah blah. So I did it. Within about 8 months, I lost around 60lbs. I ate pretty much perfect, drank water like its my job and discovered one of my loves – Zumba. So yeah, people didn’t recognize me, I felt pretty awesome, was in a lot smaller clothes.

Then life happened.

I am being extremely honest on here and telling you – Yes, I have gained about 30lbs of the 60lbs I had lost.

Am I ashamed? The past few months, yes. But now, no. shigggles happen.

Also, thats common to happen when you lose a lot fast. Not giving excuses. Trust me to be in my family you learn tough love, no excuses and all that good stuff. It is coming off by healthy lifestyle – Working out, eating right again and being all around positive.

So it is what it is, time to get the 30lbs off, as well as a little bit more. Get back toned and go beyond my goals.

That’s where this blog comes in. When I was losing the 60, I had people checking on my progress every week, to 1 – hold me accountable and 2 – get them on track themselves. They said that I inspired them, that I made them want to do it themselves, and could relate to my story. And as much of a smart ass and a brat as I can be, inspiring and motivating people is probably the thing I love to do most in life. Besides laugh, people watch, and look at Justin Timberlake all at the same time…(ok, maybe I lied about the JT thing…there is nothing better than staring at that man.)

So that is one thing I will be doing on here. Holding myself accountable to weigh in, say how much I have lost…And no you don’t need to know a girls weight. Also adding the recipes and work out tips that help me and others on this same journey.

This blog is not just for myself. It is for the real life girl, with the real life body, that is going to kick ass, and take names to get to their goal. We can do it together – while you get to hear my goofy stories, tips and shigggles that come along with it 🙂

A few random shigggles to know about Caitie –

1. 150% ready to be back in health-ville. (No, that does not mean I will never eat a chicken finger again..trust me.)

2. Yes, I am an 84 year old woman in a 25 year olds body.

3. On the go, out and about- makin moves about 15 hours of the day…that’s why I turn to wine.

4. Love to work out.

5. You will notice that this blog has a lot of humor. There may be some sentimental stuff here and there, but don’t get used to it.

6. Simple girl.

7. That crazy aunt that everyone talks about in their family, that’s me.

8. My family is that loud, obnoxious family with so much heart and I freaking adore them.

9. My friends are my saving grace.

10. I am an insomniac – it explains the mood swings.

11. I have the greatest guardian angels watching over me.

12. Batman & Superman got nothin’ on my brothers.

13. I am a smart ass, but I swear I do have a heart.

14. I have a lot of Squirrell moments…(You will learn what those are reading this blog)

15. My number one-favorite thing to do – Inspire the hell out of people.


Just a little bit of shigggles to let you know what this blog is about. Stay tuned for a new, fun, ridiculous post tomorrow 🙂

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