gemmin’ like nobodies business


    This post is to show that yeah, if you gain some weight back or need some confidence and you are back in the gym or studio trying to lose it, you can still dress fun, funky and flattering!

    3 gems.

    Months ago, I met an awesome woman on a mission. The mission was to make woman and men both feel comfortable, confident and sexy while working out. Sara “Scissorhands” has been cutting shirts, hair and whatever is within reach since she was young. What started out as going to random Zumba classes with fun funky clothes, has turned into a business that travels from one studio or gym to another making students feel funky and fresh in their “gems”.

    Being someone who had started to gain weight that I was so proud of losing while being a Zumba and Hip Hop instructor I needed a boost. 3 gems did that. She prints shirts and also turned some of my old shirts into awesome, new fun and flattering gym apparel. Sara has also has done fundraisers with gyms/studios for different charities. Bringing a shirt to recycle to a new funky-fresh brand spankin’ new one and proceeds went to charity. She did this for a charity event that was very near and dear to my heart and I will forever be grateful for the money we raised.

    Instant new clothing is a girls dream. You literally stand there for 10 minutes and boom, you’ve got a brand new shirt. She is unbelievably talented and has that fun, awesome spirit where you feel comfortable with her instantly. No questions asked, this 3gem thannng is only getting bigger and bigger 🙂

    How to contact Sara at 3gems for some gems of your own –

    Website –
    Like her on Facebook –
    Email –



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