sometimes, the not so good shigggles happen.

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Sometimes I find myself blaming a bad work out day or a cheat day on stress, a bad mood, or an all around bad day.

Well…I, the brat in the bad mood am proud to say that there was no slacking in the kitchen or the gym today. Normally, it wouldn’t have been pretty — dropping dumbbells, crawling off the stage after teaching,  or eating cheesy bread from my favorite place around the corner just to do it.

The gym is now what I guess I can call my therapy. It is the hour or two that I do not have to think of the irritating or frustrating things from the day. But at the same time, I can sort through my head on the elliptical or get the frustration out killin’ it during some ass to calf squats or chest press.

That is how you know you really are in for this lifestyle change. You over look the bad stuff and use it as fuel to keep going.

“On good days I workout, on bad days I workout harder.”

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