Easy, breezy, beautiful cover squirrel.


How does one be a “Squirrel” or have a “Squirrel moment” you ask…

Someone is a Squirrel when they totally get off topic or bring something up that randomly pops into their mind. Something like “ooooohhh that’s shiny”, “ohhh a butterfly” “So & so did this or that”. So either what’s going on around you or random thoughts. You may see these in my posts. I can’t help it. For the most part I try to stay on topic. But when that random thought pops into my mind, I tend to express it.

Examples are as followed….

– Sitting in a restaurant having a conversation about school and my best friend see’s a fine looking specimen…
“Quick look at that piece of man..okay now what were talking about?”

– You hear a song you like in the background while having drinks and talking with friends…
“I’m gonna choreograph this song for class…now what were you saying”

– While in class working on something for school talking about the project…
“I saw so & so (someone you don’t like/haven’t seen in awhile/old bf) at the gym…lookin rough…okay so back to whatever we are doing..”

So now you know what being a Squirrel is. So when I randomly say something off topic, just be like “okay…SQUIRREL” and know that I really do pay attention to what I am writing. Just know some of us have that wondering brain with a million thoughts at once that we may or may not just blurt out 🙂

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