just some friday thoughts and shigggs.


The pictures above explain EXACTLY how I feel today.

First, I want to say thank everyone who has subscribed to Shigggles, all the nice comments, emails, texts & phone calls. I figured this would be something cool and kind of therapeutic to do and it’s a great feeling getting all of these nice comments and motivation to keep it going. It’s kinda cool seeing people think that the same things are funny, goofy or whatever like I do. But the best thing over all, is that I have had a few different people say that they also have decided on changing their bad habits as well or gave me an update on how their lifestyle changes are going. There’s that whole “Hoping to inspire the hell out of people” thing.

I said I was going to be 100% honest when writing and updating this. So I will tell you the good, the bad & the ugly. It has been a week. And I only say that because there was not only the changes of eating clean and working out multiple times a day. Trying to juggle working full time, teaching multiple days a week, school and some type of social life sometimes feels a little overwhelming. To be completely honest, adding in the food prep, more work outs and gym time all made me feel even more overwhelmed most of the week.

I am pretty sure that this is what I looked like at one point –


There is a quote “It is amazing how stress keeps you trim” Sorry sister, but it is NOT like that for this chick. Stress is my worst enemy. We don’t get along, we are not BFF’s, or even those friends that smile to each other’s faces and talk madddd shit behind each other’s backs.
It effect’s me bad. No sleep, total bitch mode, leave me alone unless your JT kinda bad. It also helps with weight gain. So this week I knew I had to push it to a different level.

It was a week of up and down feelings, stress, excitement, frustration and all of that good stuff. Between work, family stuff, no sleep (that’s a whole other story – another time – another day – another post) I was ready to say “Let’s start next week instead” many times.

Then I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 4 pounds since Monday and realized it is worth it. The really busy schedule is worth it, all the work outs are worth it, the frustration is worth it, and I am worth it. 🙂

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