Today’s topic. Motivating yourself and others.

After my work out last night I knew this is what I wanted to touch on today. I sat on my bed with my laptop to type this up and ended up waking up this morning with only “go betch.” on the page. I don’t sleep well, so that means my ass must have been kicked last night.

Not sure if this happens to you, but some days I go into the gym after work and teaching a Zumba or Hip Hop class and I am not feeling it, but know I need to do it. I start out my first set kinda lazy and hoping it will go by fast. That’s where my work out partner/bff/trainer comes in. Yesterday I was exhausted after teaching an as one of my students said “One of your hardest playlist ever” Zumba class and went straight to the gym after to lift with him. We both walked in tired from teaching, but then the pre-work out hit and it was time to push it. He added a little more weight half way through than I was used to and I started to get as they call at 3 month old “a little fussy”. Then the motivation started. Sometimes when working out with your bff you can just start cracking up mid workout. But yesterday we talked about goals, so we didn’t start the laughing until the final stretch of the almost two hour workout (aka.hell.)

photo (1)

The best motivation for me is hearing my goals out loud so I can picture them in my head. So in yesterdays case it was “Cait, think Puerto Rico.” (Where I am going for a friends bachelorette party in December and don’t want to look like a heavy sea creature from the ocean) or “Think about both weddings your in early next year” (Holy crap, two bridesmaid dresses that one is green and the second is light pink…aka not black where its slimming, so gotta work HARD for it). Needless to say, I pumped out the rest of the sets the hardest I could.

Now lets switch and think from Mr.Motivations point of view. When he is working out (with ALOT heavier dumb bells and weights) I am awful at motivating. Like to the point where it is kinda funny. As far as motivating students during Zumba/Hip Hop, I think I can do that pretty well. But in the gym — Terrible. Because I don’t know completely 100% what I am doing still.

I tend to say things like…

“Push it out” while lifting – Okay seriously, no one is giving birth. So I don’t understand why its what I always say. I am not a birth coach, but maybe found a new calling?

“John Doe.” – (I don’t really know a John Doe, I am just saying someone’s name in general) Someone you both know mutually and aren’t very fond of. Seeing that persons face or thinking of what they may have done to you can spark up extra energy or sass. The down side, it may cause the giggles and you may drop the bar on your chest.

and the favorite…
“go.betch.” – It used to be one that would make both of us laugh. But now I think it pretty much helps motivate. It means – move your ass, you got it, don’t slack now. betch.

It isn’t terrible to laugh a little during your work out. As you can tell, humor gets me through life. So adding it in to working out and getting into the healthy lifestyle helps for me to get pumped up a little and stay positive.

photo (2)

So what motivates you?

The thought of getting into a certain dress or pants?
Being able to wear a bikini or with your shirt off?
Getting back into shape by a certain event/time frame?
Getting back to feeling happy and comfortable?
Being healthy for your family, husband, wife or kids?

Thinking of things like this get me through the rough hour or two of grueling workouts, and maybe it can help you too. Picturing goals or working out with a friend who helps push towards your goals can motivate the heck out of you.

Now go.betch. and get to work 🙂

3 thoughts on ““go.betch.”

  1. elrby says:

    Today’s Motivation…seeing how high I can get the pile of weeds I’m pulling out of all our damn flower beds! Hate the work, but love the end results! Now, I’m off to go finish…betch! 😛

  2. Emily O. says:

    My motivation is that moment when you decide to throw on that extra 10-15 pounds and its the highest you’ve ever gone = automatic beast mode. Feeling strong or getting to the next level is the best adrenaline rush.

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