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The last week and a half I have been probably been what people would call MIA from social media. That included Facebook and Blogging. Knowing I needed to make some decisions, I wanted to stop getting wrapped up in those Shigggs for a bit. Ya know the Facebook drama-like stuff (seeing people post things to upset others, catching people in stupid lies and petty shit) and only wanting to Blog with a clear head.

After this little experiment to see how long I could go without depending on my phone/social media, I learned a few things.

When you aren’t checking your phone as much/off social media, HOLY SHIT is an understatement on how annoying it is watching others. I realized how rude I look or come off as when I do that. Then realized during serious or important conversations with friends still looking at their phones and think in my head “HELLO, I’M STILL TALKING” or “Does this conversation really bore you THAT much?” It is almost like we don’t value the time or what we are doing with the people around us enough. The bitchy me kinda wants to say “Go hang out with so-in-so instead if their convo is that amazeballs” But then the angel on my shoulder says “It is what it is, you’ve done it too” and let it go. Now that I am using my phone again more and social media again, my goal is to stop doing that mid-conversation or just in the presence of friends/family at lunch or dinner or just hanging out. Now of course I understand emergencies and all that good stuff, but just a little habit that I personally would LOVE to break.

Okay enough of that rant. Now lets get to the #shigggsgettinreal shigggs –

I did the # (Hash tag) because of all the funny #hashtags things that have been on tv/my friends and I have been saying lately.


Sorry – Squirrel.

So, the last few months with lots of “cray-cray” things going on and taking over all of my time, I officially went insane. Well not really, but kinda in my head I guess. I became anti-social, badddd attitude and just a betch all around. Getting home at 10-11 every night wasn’t cutting it. And with school starting again for me, I could possibly pull a Britney…


….and as much as I love her…I would look BUSTED with a shaved head, although I do know I wear a better weave than she does. (I know, at least mine looks real)

With that being said, I had to do something. So I have decided to stop teaching Zumba for a bit.

Yes it sucks, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. This being my last week of teaching my classes feels weird – I even had this in my Yogi tea this morning…
photo (9)

I am not giving up on dancing at all, I could never do that. I’ve been dancing since I was 5, its in my blood. It’s just time to remember why I love it so much.

#1 Top Priority – Being healthy. I may not be teaching a ton of classes, but I will still be getting all my workouts in some way or another. Also, after I get my shigggs straight, I can drop in and dance with my friends and mentors that are teaching. Now instead of getting home so late and not having time for the grocery store my meals will be planned ALOT easier. Finally having a schedule – thank the lawwwd.

While I still think I can be Wonder Woman and do it all. A little dose of reality has set in and told me to chill for a bit. I still think that we are all Super Hero’s and can do it all. But as long as we do it all without changing ourselves (for the bad) in the process.


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