Dust yourself off and try again…

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“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” – Aaliyah


Remember when I said I was going to write on here daily? Yeah, that hasn’t exactly been the case.

As I had mentioned in my last post on here things/life/everything is “cray cray”. During that “cray” stuff is when I lose it. Not just my mind, but my motivation. And it has to stop…like ten minutes ago. That is why my butt is back on here.

As you know, there is no “MD” or anything after my name so when I write on here I am just sharing an experience and hopefully helping others in the same position. I am just a 25 year old girl who’s trying to work a full time job, be a college student and get some abs and a perky tush somewhere between it all.

some cards funny for blog

The last few weeks have been kind of ridic. Personally, mentally, physically…all that good stuff.
There are these obstacle that have been trying to make themselves comfortable in the way of my goals. Health stuff, personal stuff, and just the typical 80 million things happening at once. Is it their fault that I am letting them get in the way? Unfortunately no. I have completely let stress get the best of me and trying to change things I cannot change and help things that need to be fixed on their own or by others.

Where has that gotten me? Unfortunately sitting here in the same spot (pretty sure the same sweat pants) I was sitting when writing the first blog post at the beginning of September.

After a long talk about getting myself together with my BFF earlier today, my mind started wondering. I kept asking “Why can I not get myself in the same mentality I was in before where I kicked ass for 8 months and lost 60 pounds?” The response – “Cause you knew what you wanted and nothing was going to get in the way. You were focused” That is what I need to FOCUS. Not be a constant Squirrell.

Recently I stopped teaching as many dance fitness classes and that has been a big change for me. Not just because of my schedule, but because it is a huge part of my heart. My life changed January of 2012 when finding Zumba and all the great people that came along with it. The instructors, my mentors and of course the students. (SQUIRREL – HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY IGNIGHT DANCE FITNESS ๐Ÿ™‚ My biggest fear was when taking this “break” I would turn into a hermit. Luckily, I have been too busy with other things to let that happen.
Now having limits to exercise is also getting to me. I like to get all into it and go balls to the wall. But I have been told to “pump my breaks” as I like to say. During this break I have also learned that I am not good at working out at home or outside of a gym or other type of fitness facility. So, it is time to start either walking or running daily to get myself heart healthy.

An even bigger part of getting to this goal is the food. The last few weeks, I have not been making that time religiously to make my meals. But once I got a chance tonight, I started all over again.

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It is back to the crazy food orders at resturants “Don’t dunk that salmon in that butter-ish-goo stuff please…just plain and boring please ๐Ÿ™‚ This and that on the side, balsamic vinegar, water with a lemon”

In just about every post on here, I have said I am making time for myself and doing things that I want to do to get where I need to go. Needless to say, I have not followed that. IF this means I need to be a little more anti-social, then it is what it is – ya know less dinners out and more dinners in, so be it. If it means giving up wine for the most part (Hey! I said MOST part…) I will do it. I will do whatever it takes because I think that whole “Focus” thing is setting in….it’s about time Cait!

One thought on “Dust yourself off and try again…

  1. Heather Daugherty says:

    Caitie ,
    I see you writing and I am wondering what you are majoring in ? Hmmm because you are a good writer that is why I ask but you are also a great motivator with a wonderful spunky personality and mind you I have never taken your zumba class and I am kinda picky LOL when it comes to zumba instructors LOL. You will get there I lost 5 lbs in a year and I could not believe it and you know what just from eating less working out more and not eating the food at my school where I teach. Good Luck Heather D

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