“I’m back betttchesss..”



I started this blog again exactly just like I did last year : written it late last night ready to post and then fell asleep (after getting my butt kicked teaching) and woke up with my laptop falling off my body. So it just feels right to post this afternoon 🙂 

Last week, a student asked me if I was going to start blogging again.

My thoughts…First, when do I have time, but then I realized, I have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce, I am sure I can make it work. Secondly I thought ‘Crap, I haven’t really done much better improving myself, my body, etc since my last post’ Then she said “Well, I really hope that you start again. I enjoy reading it because I know I am not alone making a lifestyle change, it makes me laugh and motivates me to push myself again.”

…..Well that’s what got me. The whole not feeling alone thing made me feel good to know I am not the only one who can sometimes feel this way and knowing that I helped felt AMAZEBALLS. So I am starting again. Yes, I say AGAIN because we know I have said this multiple times. I am finally at the point of not being embarrassed to say it. 

I like to keep a lot to myself. But one thing I am very open, honest and vocal about is weight loss. Losing weight, healthy lifestyle changes and my own journey. Often you will notice that I kind of make fun of it or put it in a humorous way. That is how I deal with things, through laughing & humor. I know, I’m weird. I also like motivational quotes or the funny smart ass quotes. So If you don’t like that…not to sound like a B-word…but you don’t need to read and follow this.  



The kicker that made me get back to this healthy lifestyle was this past Saturday. I was going to a wedding in DC and knew I would need a nice, cute dress for it. So I had bought one a few weeks before and didn’t try it on or pay much attention to it until an hr before I had to leave. I went to get it out of my closet and noticed it had a snag across the side which I had never noticed before. I had to be at my friends house in 1 hour from that exact moment and somehow made it to Target, Nordstrom Rack and TJ Max. The problem was every store I went in I saw things I liked, but they were either too small to try on, weren’t flattering, or I felt really uncomfortable. Needless to say, I spent that morning crying and and probably looked like this….

That was when I decided I cannot keep doing this. I have been SO close to my goal before and I remember how awesome it felt. Now I am ready to get there plus some. Completely get to my goal, not just 80% there. And do it for MYSELF.


A few of my thoughts that I have thought and written down the last few months….

We all think of excuses. I can’t make it to the gym for this or that. Or I can’t prep my meals early because I have this and then have to go here or there. I am 10000% guilty of that. And I really do have this and that and here and there to go. I just have to make it work. 


Another excuse – The last year I felt like I needed someone to help me all the time. I have had a few “gym buddies” and it just kind of stopped. Sometimes them just kind of stopping and doing their own thing. For awhile it made me upset feel like what, am I not working hard enough? Am I not pushing myself or you enough? Is it the way I look? and a ton of other things that went through my head. It REALLY bothered me. To the point of not wanting to go to the gym much anymore thinking do other people think that when I am working out at the gym? But again…that was an excuse. So no more of that. Now it is making time to go to the gym or workout by myself because I am the only one who can make this change. No more depending on the other people to get where I want to get. 

And lastly (at least for this post so I have more to talk about tomorrow 🙂 


Stress. It kills me. So I am now making a promise to learn how to deal with stress differently. I am not one to eat my feelings or frustrations. But, it makes me not focus on my goals and throw my goals and health behind everything else. If it is stress over work, family, friends, money, this journey, whatever. You feel and look like you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all the time or always on the edge or your seat waiting on whats next.  I am getting gray hairs and I love Betty White, but I’m not trying to look like her when I am only turning 26 in 2 weeks. I will keep you posted on how that goes, and give tips that help me as well cause I know that we are all stressed and crazed a lot of the time. 




I’ll be posting things that help me, others around me, recipes and tons of other shigggles 🙂 

So now that I am back on here I hope that not only does it help me stay focused but most of all helps someone NOT feel alone and to motivate and inspire them to get to their goals as well.

Hugs & Kisses 🙂 



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