beating those bad thoughts, big goals and best buds.

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I have multiple things I want to post and share. I already had it all written out and just needed to press post, but decided to delete and write what is exactly on my mind tonight at 2:45am. I know I should be sleeping, but I can’t so instead I write.

First, thank you so much for the AWESOME positive feedback. I received multiple messages, emails and conversations about last weeks post. Also already was asked some questions and ideas to write about already! Thank you, it makes me so happy ūüôā

Recently a student asked me how does one keep working towards their goals and stay positive when anything and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.

My advice that hits very close to home this week…
Sometimes we have days that are hard on us. Certain events may have occurred, hell-weeks at work or just hard days that we know are coming that can help assist the negative things try to push themselves back in your brain and body. We have to be the tough ones that kick them right back in the butt and out of our minds.

“Since this is going on – I don’t need to stay on track…I’ll just start Monday.”

“Since I am sad today, I can eat the mac and cheese and it doesn’t count”

(Don’t lie, you know you’ve gone there before) Those A-holes called bad Carbs always make their way back to us.


“Today sucked, I deserve wine”


(sorry had to share,  this is one of my all time fav. somecards)


So, the point to this blog tonight…

There are ways to make ourselves stay on track. When it rains, it pours sometimes. But that doesn’t have to affect our goals and dreams.

When personally going through a tough few days emotionally, physically and mentally along with a side of a hell-week at work, I was ready to be like “Yo, where my carbs and wine at??” But I decided nope, I am going to make this week MY betch.

  • . Prep your meals. My biggest success with weight loss, fitness goals, etc. always has involved food prep. Taking time two days out of your week (Maybe a Sunday or Wednesday) to cook your food for the week and pack the right amount and have everything ready no matter what is thrown at you.

photo 3 (1)



PS. Squirrel Moment –

I’m not going to lie, it is super hard to stay on track around your birthday with people wanting to take you out to lunch/dinner/drinks. You just have to pick your battles. If I eat this, I have to work my ass off in the morning and be perfect eating-wise before and after. Last time I lost a lot of weight I didn’t let myself have a drink a lot of the time out with friends or eat at yummy semi-unhealthy dinners. This time I am trying to stay on track most of the time and have realized (as much as I hate to say it) YOLO. Don’t always miss out on the little nice dinners and have a drink or two to celebrate when you want to. At the same time, if I am really on track and feeling great about it I need to learn to say NO and not feel bad telling people I am not going to drink or something at that occasion. If the people asking you love you, they will understand.


  • “I just want some chocolate, or something sweet then I’ll be fine” Yep, I know I’ve said that before when being upset, stressed or that certain time of the month. Have a back up plan. For me, its golden delicious apples. It’s sweet and fills me up.

photo 2 (1)


  • Drink your water. I drink a ridic amount of water. Like I literally pee 80 times a day. (Sorry, TMI) It is super good for you and if you get bored of regular water, flavor it up!

photo 2

This has been my go to water the last couple years. I don’t measure ingredients. It’s just lemon, cucumber and mint.


  • Put yourself in a positive environment. This week I had to teach pretty much every night. While some nights you are not mentally and emotionally there, you always make it look you are 110% there and in a ridic happy mood and the outside world is out of commission for a hour.

Photo: Having a rough week?? Lets let out the physical, mental and emotional stress and frustration and leave it on the dance floor. Fierce Funk at the nZone at 7:30 in the Keg room! fiercefunk #dance #cheapesttherapyever

PS. 2nd Squirrel Moment –

Walking into my Fierce Funk class tonight, I was nervous to even teach thinking I wouldn’t remember choreography (That has never happened before) But my students and BFF made me realize I underestimate myself. Not only did we have the biggest class we have had, but we had the most real, fun, intense connection. It was like I saw the light bulbs go on in their heads when they finally understood the choreo. They¬†were¬†having fun, they were loud, it was¬†the best feeling. Along with ending the class with a sentimental moment (I may have been a baby) I left class¬†feeling like a new person.


  • And last, but¬†certainly not least….if you have a¬†friend who knows you¬†are going through this tough time,¬†let them be there for you.¬†¬†I personally would not have gotten through the last day or two without my best friend. From encouraging text messages, keeping my mind off things¬†and encouraging me with my goals as well as watching him fulfill his own, that helped me. Having such good friends surrounding you that are all working towards goals is awesome, it helps you stay on track and not feel like you’re on a journey alone. I am very lucky to have a lot of them. It’s is nice to watch someone improve in what they are working towards and get to the next level instead of obsessing over yours goals constantly. So Mr. Marky Mark, I have to call you out and thank you. For not only being you today (and most other days) or being my mentor, but for constantly motivating and inspiring me to keep up my goals weight loss wise, dance-wise and sanity wise ūüôā

photo 4



With all of this being said, I hope that you get this out of this post…

We are human, IT IS OKAY TO HAVE A HARD TIME. It doesn’t mean you have to lose focus.

These were just a couple little tips that help me get through and I only hope that it can help you too!


Can’t wait to post the next one….have you seen the new Colby Calliet song and meaning???

That is my next post hopefully before I leave for the weekend ūüôā


Much love and hugs and kisses and all that good stuff,






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