The trouble is you think you have time.


All day yesterday I wrote things in my notebook that I jot down my thoughts/squirrel moments in. Thoughts and moments from the weekend, bits of encouragement I received – to conversations and events that really jumbled my brain up.

I am very squirrel-ish in this post because I am not quite focused, so beware.

The original post was going to be about my “time management skills” or should we say lack there of. But after a few occurrences and conversations the last couple days, I think I am even more confused. Originally I was going into this post yesterday morning, angry. Angry that I get so much grief for not being around all the time, not making it to every event and just getting guilt trips constantly. Getting that grief time after time eventually takes a toll. Especially when you try to make it all work. It makes you want to turn into a hermit and stay home on your couch, phone off and watch Real Housewives of Orange County all day.

photo (8)

Well, I don’t want to turn into a hermit. And as much as I love a good, bitchy, shiz talking Real Housewives episode – I don’t want to spend my days that way.

So my outlook was immediately…either you get it, or you don’t. Either you understand that people have busy lives (especially when trying to focus on their own health and well being) or you don’t. Either your still my friend, family member, whoever…or not.

Then a close family member that has been in and out of the hospital said to me this weekend “You appreciate life so much more” So that stuck with me and made my mind shift the other way. Should I run my ass to Timbuktu and back constantly to make everyone else’s schedule work all the time? Be a convenience almost so I never miss out?
That same night, another extremely close family member said something that got me too. “I just wish you would focus on you. Stop doing it for everyone else and do something for yourself. Focus on this lifestyle change.”

So that is where I am at. A lot of people have this same problem. Always feeling like your stuck between a rock and hard place. Never knowing if those people would run to Timbuktu and back for you.

Experiencing a life literally being gone in what seemed like a snap of a finger, my thoughts jumbled even more (if that’s even possible).

It is time to have a mind set of a phrase I absolutely can’t stand. “YOLO”. You only live once. But it’s true. Or my personal fav…”Hakuna Matata”.

That to me means it’s time to start doing what we want. I feel so selfish writing that. But it is what it is. Time to do the things I want. Be surrounded with people that do care, not brush me off to the side when convenient. Focus on this lifestyle change and really step out of my comfort zone. Hello bucket list.

So I challenge you too. To try and make the most out of the rest of 2013, 2014 and beyond. Make time for you.


It’s not swagger, I’m just sore…

photo (5)


So as you know from Monday’s post, work out’s have turned up a notch. Talk about being sore. And teaching on top of it feels GLORIOUS. Uh huh, sure.

When goals are on your mind you just ignore it all and push as hard as you can. Even though you have a marathon to run, the finish line doesn’t seem terribly far away. So you push hard, push through and that next 24-48 hour burn SUCKS.
You don’t want to laugh (hello ab work out) or sneeze (yep there’s that ab work out again). Scratching your back sucks (thank you chest and back day) and your legs give you that “pimp walk” that you really don’t mean to be doing (leg day – whoever feels fine after leg day is either a Superman or didn’t do it right).

Yesterday, I was in a monster of a mood because every body part hurt so much. Seriously. I didn’t want to get up from my desk at work to pee or to get stuff from the printer (that is like 2 feet away…hello lazy). Yesterday was also the first time that I was nervous to teach. I never get nervous, the only time was my very first Zumba class by myself. Being nervous because your afraid if you go down you might not get up is funny and at the same time is nerve wrecking. SO I was scheduled to sub a Zumba class and then teach XXX (Hip Hop) immediately after. Being so sore and pulling a muscle a few days before I was actually not positive about teaching. The day before I had a discussion with a friend on wanting to get my stamina back where it was so I was even more determined. First class I went in tired and not wanting to move but within the first 10 minutes of being there those awesome students pumped me up. Class was killer, we all were drenched just the way I like it. Between changing sweat drenched – looking like I just got outta the shower clothes between classes it was time to get pumped all over again. We were down a couple of instructors and the three of us KILLED it. I was seriously so proud of us.
Needless to say after class feeling so accomplished all I wanted was to take out the weave and shower. That studio smelled like 4 football teams just came in after playing a game in 100 degree weather. Gross.
I did fine until I got out of the car when I got home. I got out of the car waddling like a 9 month pregnant woman and decided maybe it was time to take a bath. A friend told me to do it with Epsom salt. I definitely, definitely suggest it. It relaxed my muscles and everything for a bit.

photo (4)

As I woke up today still sore as a mo-fo, my first thought was “Holy shit, I underestimated myself” I think we do that a lot. Doubting ourselves when we are under the weather or unbelievably sore, or in that negative spot. But once you have accomplished it, it feels amaze-balls.

photo (6)

So to end my post today I’ll leave you with one of my fav. quotes ever. Sometimes I think it during a work out – lifting or dancing.

“Sometimes you just have to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and just do it”


Today’s topic. Motivating yourself and others.

After my work out last night I knew this is what I wanted to touch on today. I sat on my bed with my laptop to type this up and ended up waking up this morning with only “go betch.” on the page. I don’t sleep well, so that means my ass must have been kicked last night.

Not sure if this happens to you, but some days I go into the gym after work and teaching a Zumba or Hip Hop class and I am not feeling it, but know I need to do it. I start out my first set kinda lazy and hoping it will go by fast. That’s where my work out partner/bff/trainer comes in. Yesterday I was exhausted after teaching an as one of my students said “One of your hardest playlist ever” Zumba class and went straight to the gym after to lift with him. We both walked in tired from teaching, but then the pre-work out hit and it was time to push it. He added a little more weight half way through than I was used to and I started to get as they call at 3 month old “a little fussy”. Then the motivation started. Sometimes when working out with your bff you can just start cracking up mid workout. But yesterday we talked about goals, so we didn’t start the laughing until the final stretch of the almost two hour workout (aka.hell.)

photo (1)

The best motivation for me is hearing my goals out loud so I can picture them in my head. So in yesterdays case it was “Cait, think Puerto Rico.” (Where I am going for a friends bachelorette party in December and don’t want to look like a heavy sea creature from the ocean) or “Think about both weddings your in early next year” (Holy crap, two bridesmaid dresses that one is green and the second is light pink…aka not black where its slimming, so gotta work HARD for it). Needless to say, I pumped out the rest of the sets the hardest I could.

Now lets switch and think from Mr.Motivations point of view. When he is working out (with ALOT heavier dumb bells and weights) I am awful at motivating. Like to the point where it is kinda funny. As far as motivating students during Zumba/Hip Hop, I think I can do that pretty well. But in the gym — Terrible. Because I don’t know completely 100% what I am doing still.

I tend to say things like…

“Push it out” while lifting – Okay seriously, no one is giving birth. So I don’t understand why its what I always say. I am not a birth coach, but maybe found a new calling?

“John Doe.” – (I don’t really know a John Doe, I am just saying someone’s name in general) Someone you both know mutually and aren’t very fond of. Seeing that persons face or thinking of what they may have done to you can spark up extra energy or sass. The down side, it may cause the giggles and you may drop the bar on your chest.

and the favorite…
“go.betch.” – It used to be one that would make both of us laugh. But now I think it pretty much helps motivate. It means – move your ass, you got it, don’t slack now. betch.

It isn’t terrible to laugh a little during your work out. As you can tell, humor gets me through life. So adding it in to working out and getting into the healthy lifestyle helps for me to get pumped up a little and stay positive.

photo (2)

So what motivates you?

The thought of getting into a certain dress or pants?
Being able to wear a bikini or with your shirt off?
Getting back into shape by a certain event/time frame?
Getting back to feeling happy and comfortable?
Being healthy for your family, husband, wife or kids?

Thinking of things like this get me through the rough hour or two of grueling workouts, and maybe it can help you too. Picturing goals or working out with a friend who helps push towards your goals can motivate the heck out of you.

Now go.betch. and get to work 🙂

just some friday thoughts and shigggs.


The pictures above explain EXACTLY how I feel today.

First, I want to say thank everyone who has subscribed to Shigggles, all the nice comments, emails, texts & phone calls. I figured this would be something cool and kind of therapeutic to do and it’s a great feeling getting all of these nice comments and motivation to keep it going. It’s kinda cool seeing people think that the same things are funny, goofy or whatever like I do. But the best thing over all, is that I have had a few different people say that they also have decided on changing their bad habits as well or gave me an update on how their lifestyle changes are going. There’s that whole “Hoping to inspire the hell out of people” thing.

I said I was going to be 100% honest when writing and updating this. So I will tell you the good, the bad & the ugly. It has been a week. And I only say that because there was not only the changes of eating clean and working out multiple times a day. Trying to juggle working full time, teaching multiple days a week, school and some type of social life sometimes feels a little overwhelming. To be completely honest, adding in the food prep, more work outs and gym time all made me feel even more overwhelmed most of the week.

I am pretty sure that this is what I looked like at one point –


There is a quote “It is amazing how stress keeps you trim” Sorry sister, but it is NOT like that for this chick. Stress is my worst enemy. We don’t get along, we are not BFF’s, or even those friends that smile to each other’s faces and talk madddd shit behind each other’s backs.
It effect’s me bad. No sleep, total bitch mode, leave me alone unless your JT kinda bad. It also helps with weight gain. So this week I knew I had to push it to a different level.

It was a week of up and down feelings, stress, excitement, frustration and all of that good stuff. Between work, family stuff, no sleep (that’s a whole other story – another time – another day – another post) I was ready to say “Let’s start next week instead” many times.

Then I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 4 pounds since Monday and realized it is worth it. The really busy schedule is worth it, all the work outs are worth it, the frustration is worth it, and I am worth it. 🙂

Easy, breezy, beautiful cover squirrel.


How does one be a “Squirrel” or have a “Squirrel moment” you ask…

Someone is a Squirrel when they totally get off topic or bring something up that randomly pops into their mind. Something like “ooooohhh that’s shiny”, “ohhh a butterfly” “So & so did this or that”. So either what’s going on around you or random thoughts. You may see these in my posts. I can’t help it. For the most part I try to stay on topic. But when that random thought pops into my mind, I tend to express it.

Examples are as followed….

– Sitting in a restaurant having a conversation about school and my best friend see’s a fine looking specimen…
“Quick look at that piece of man..okay now what were talking about?”

– You hear a song you like in the background while having drinks and talking with friends…
“I’m gonna choreograph this song for class…now what were you saying”

– While in class working on something for school talking about the project…
“I saw so & so (someone you don’t like/haven’t seen in awhile/old bf) at the gym…lookin rough…okay so back to whatever we are doing..”

So now you know what being a Squirrel is. So when I randomly say something off topic, just be like “okay…SQUIRREL” and know that I really do pay attention to what I am writing. Just know some of us have that wondering brain with a million thoughts at once that we may or may not just blurt out 🙂

gemmin’ like nobodies business


    This post is to show that yeah, if you gain some weight back or need some confidence and you are back in the gym or studio trying to lose it, you can still dress fun, funky and flattering!

    3 gems.

    Months ago, I met an awesome woman on a mission. The mission was to make woman and men both feel comfortable, confident and sexy while working out. Sara “Scissorhands” has been cutting shirts, hair and whatever is within reach since she was young. What started out as going to random Zumba classes with fun funky clothes, has turned into a business that travels from one studio or gym to another making students feel funky and fresh in their “gems”.

    Being someone who had started to gain weight that I was so proud of losing while being a Zumba and Hip Hop instructor I needed a boost. 3 gems did that. She prints shirts and also turned some of my old shirts into awesome, new fun and flattering gym apparel. Sara has also has done fundraisers with gyms/studios for different charities. Bringing a shirt to recycle to a new funky-fresh brand spankin’ new one and proceeds went to charity. She did this for a charity event that was very near and dear to my heart and I will forever be grateful for the money we raised.

    Instant new clothing is a girls dream. You literally stand there for 10 minutes and boom, you’ve got a brand new shirt. She is unbelievably talented and has that fun, awesome spirit where you feel comfortable with her instantly. No questions asked, this 3gem thannng is only getting bigger and bigger 🙂

    How to contact Sara at 3gems for some gems of your own –

    Website –
    Like her on Facebook –
    Email –



sometimes, the not so good shigggles happen.

photo (2)


Sometimes I find myself blaming a bad work out day or a cheat day on stress, a bad mood, or an all around bad day.

Well…I, the brat in the bad mood am proud to say that there was no slacking in the kitchen or the gym today. Normally, it wouldn’t have been pretty — dropping dumbbells, crawling off the stage after teaching,  or eating cheesy bread from my favorite place around the corner just to do it.

The gym is now what I guess I can call my therapy. It is the hour or two that I do not have to think of the irritating or frustrating things from the day. But at the same time, I can sort through my head on the elliptical or get the frustration out killin’ it during some ass to calf squats or chest press.

That is how you know you really are in for this lifestyle change. You over look the bad stuff and use it as fuel to keep going.

“On good days I workout, on bad days I workout harder.”